KCR 2016


Travel Awards (USD 500)

Awarded to foreign presenters of the abstracts accepted for presentation at the scientific sessions or exhibition.

  • The Travel Award is given only once to the presenting author regardless of the number of accepted abstracts or co-authors.
  • You need to register to receive the Travel Award, and no other application is necessary; after you complete your registration, you can receive the Travel Award on-site at the registration desk during KCR 2016.
  • Among the countries with a bilateral Tax Convention agreement with Korea, a 22% tax has to be deducted from the final amount before payment for the following countries: Afghanistan, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Paraguay, Peru, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Uruguay, and other countries without an agreement.
  • Tax may be deducted in some other cases. Please enquire with the KCR 2016 Secretariat for more information. (info@kcr4u.org/kcr@insession.co.kr).

Best Scientific Exhibition Awards

Awarded to primary authors of selected scientific or educational exhibitions based on peer review of the scientific content of their presentations.

Grand Prix KRW 500,000 and a certificate (1 winner)
KRW 300,000 each and a certificate (2 winners or more)
Silver KRW 200,000 each and a certificate (5 winners or more)
Bronze A certificate

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