KCR 2016


Presenting Time

  • 7 minute presentation and 3 minute discussion.
  • Overruns penalize other presenters and will not be allowed. Chairpersons should give instructions to finish within the allotted presentation times.
  • Your presentation should be delivered in the chosen language at the time of your abstract submission.

Presentation File(s)

  • Scientific Session presenters should prepare the presentation file(s) in MS Power Point (MS Office 2007, 2010 or 2013)
  • You can use any font provided by MS Office. If you use fonts other than standard Windows Office fonts, please bring the font file itself with the presentation file(s).
  • Please bring your MS PowerPoint presentation file(s) with you on a USB memory stick. Please make sure that the file(s) are copied correctly onto the USB memory stick.

Preview Room

Operation Hours and Place:

Date & Time September 21(Wed) – 23 (Fri), 07:00-18:00
Place Grand Ballroom Foyer, Convention Hall 1F, Coex
  • Please visit the Preview Room to check your presentation file(s) at least 4 hours before your session starts to ensure your presentation file(s) appear(s) properly. A technician will be ready to assist you with checking your presentation file(s). For those who have presentations in the morning on September 21 (Wed), please visit the Preview Room at least 1 hour before the session begins.
  • If your presentation file(s) contain(s) animations or movies, you are advised to check over the technical matters 4 hours prior to your session.
  • All presentation file(s) will be stored on a network server and will be accessible from the PC in each session room where the presentation will be held 30 minutes prior to the start of the session.

How to upload your presentation file(s)

  • Go to the Preview Room from September 21 (Wed) to 23 (Fri).
  • After log in, check your presentation schedule and upload your file(s) into the right folder according to the schedule. A technician will assist you with uploading your file(s).

Prior to Meeting

  • Presenters are highly recommended to meet their chairpersons at the session room in advance and take a seat in the ‘Reserved Seat’ for speakers in the first row at least 10 minutes before their session starts.

Security policy

  • After your presentation, go back to the Preview Room and delete your file(s) on the desk-top by yourself to safeguard your property rights for the file(s).
  • If you do not delete your file(s) by yourself after your presentation, it/they will be automatically deleted after the congress.

Audio Visual Equipment

  • All presenters should use only venue facilities. Each session room will be equipped with the following equipments:
    • Laptop (operated by a technician at the control box) running MS-Office PowerPoint 2007, 2010 or 2013 operated in Windows 7, equipped with compact disk reader (CD & DVD) and USB drive.
    • A smart pointer, a desk lamp, a mouse and a timer which will be shown on monitor.
    • One beam projector (RGB Port)
    • One screen
  • To avoid frequently occurring technical problems during the presentation, all presenters are asked to use only IBM compatible PCs and the single LCD projector preset in the session room for all presentations during the Scientific Session.
  • It is NOT allowed for you to use your own laptop computer (especially Macintosh laptop).

Equipment on the Podium

  • Upon reaching the podium, lights will be dimmed and the first slide will be projected onto the screen. The timer will be going for 7 minutes, and you will be notified at the last 2-minute count.
  • You may operate the screen by clicking the left button of the mouse to go to the next slide when you need to. A smart pointer is also available for you to go back and forth in your slides

Should you have any inquiries, feel free to contact the KCR 2016 Secretariat.

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