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Session (Daily)

Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Refresher Course 04 Chest All
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 101
Diffuse lung disease
Pattern approach in diffuse interstitial lung disease Kyung Soo Lee
Update of the idiopathic interstitial pneumonias Carmelo Privitera
Cardiothoracic manifestions of collagen vascular diseases/Imaging in occupational and environmental lung disease Eun Jin Chae
Various faces of sarcoidosis Cornelia Schaefer-Prokop
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Categorical Course 10 Thyroid All
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 102
Approach of paraThyroid disease
Imaging of parathyroid disease Jeong Hyun Lee
Approach of primary hyperparathyroidism and hypercalcemia Jung Hyun Yoon
Incidental parathyroid lesion: detection and its meaning Kwang Hwi Lee
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Categorical Course 11 Musculoskeletal Junior
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 103
Easy way out - quick interpretation of musculoskeletal radiographs
Upper extremity Jee Young Lee
Spine and pelvic bone Baek Hyun Kim
Easy way out quick interpretation of musculoskeletal radiographs lower extremity Young Han Lee
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Categorical Course 12 Abdomen All
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 104
Pancreatic imaging
Imaging and staging of pancreatic cancer Sang Soo Shin
Intraductal papillary neoplasm of the pancreas (IPMN) Kyungmi Jang
Serous cystic neoplasms and mucinous cystic neoplasms of the pancreas So Yeon Kim
Pancreatitis Yang Shin Park
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Categorical Course 13 Intervention All
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 105
Vascular anatomy for interventional radiology
흉부 혈관 해부학(Thoracic vascular anatomy) Se Hwan Kwon
Abdominal vascular anatomy Soon-Young Song
복부 및 골반 혈관 II(Vascular anatomy of the abdomen and pelvis: part II) Jinoo Kim
Upper and lower extremity vascular anatomy In Joon Lee
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Categorical Course 14 Cardiovascular All
08:00-09:30 203
Essentials of cardiac MR
How to acquire cardiac cine and delayed enhancement imaging Tae Hoon Kim
1.5T versus 3T MRI: which is better for cardiac MRI? Whal Lee
Interpretation of cardiac MR in ischemic heart disease: what every novice radiologist should know Eun Ju Chun
Cases series review: focused on nonischemic cardiomyopathy and cardiac tumors Sung Mok Kim
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Categorical Course 15 Neurointervention Advanced
08:00-09:30 208
Current status of revascularization therapy for cerebrovascular stenoocclusive disease (Evidence, Va
Neurologist’s view on preventive treatments of extracranial and intracranial artery stenosis Jin Soo Lee
Carotid artery stenting Hae Woong Jeong
Current status of intracranial stenting for intracranial atherosclerotic stenosis Byung Moon Kim
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Combined Anatomic and Metabolic Imaging: What Radiologists Should Know
08:00-11:20 201
Hybrid imaging: brain
Underlying mechanisms beyond functional tumor imaging Mijin Yun
Clinical applications of PET-MRI in head & neck cancer Tae Jin Yun
Coffee break
Cardiothoracic imaging
Therapy response evaluation by PET/CT in non-small cell lung cancer Joon Young Choi
The new topics of radiologic imaging in lung cancer Hyun-Ju Lee
Myocardial perfusion: assessment with SPECT and PET Gi Jeong Cheon
Myocardial perfusion: assessment with CT and MRI Dong Hyun Yang
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) ISP 06_B
09:40-09:45 Hall D2, B구역
Chairperson: Seong hoon Park, Wonkwang University College of Medicine, Korea
Evaluation of image quality of coronary CT angiography using low Iodine contrast materials in patients with BMI ≥ 25 kg/m²: comparison of Iterative and filtered back projection image reconstruction Jung Han Hwang
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) ISP 06_A
09:40-09:50 Hall D2, A구역
Chairperson: Dae Hee Han, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul St. Mary's Hospital, Korea
Tuberculous bronchonodal fistula in adult patients Kyung Nyeo Jeon
ADCs values pattern of pleural effusion in diffusion weighted MR imaging Woocheol Kwon
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) ISP 06_D
09:40-09:50 Hall D2, D구역
Chairperson: Young Joon Lee, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul St. Mary's Hospital, Korea
Initial phantom study for comparison of image quality in CT using adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction (ASIR) and adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction-Veo (ASIR-V) Kyung Jae Lim
Correlation of volumetric perfusion ct parameters with HIF-1 alpha expression in a VX2 tumor rabbit model Jung Im Kim
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) ISP 06_C
09:40-09:55 Hall D2, C구역
Chairperson: Jin Woong Kim, Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital, Korea
Postoperative anatomic and pathologic findings at multi-detector CT following pancreaticoduodenectomy Sung Mo Kim
Heterotopic pancreas: retrospective evaluation of radiological and clinical findings Yoonha Kim
Clinical challenges and images of incidental renal masses: how much do you know regarding renal tumors other than renal cell carcinoma? (Quiz) Yong Kyun Kim
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Scientific Session 28 Chest & Others All
09:50-11:20 Grand Ballroom 101
Vascular & miscellaneous topics
Overlooked pulmonary embolism on chest CT under strict application of the ACR appropriateness criteria Jung hwa Choi
Quantitative analysis of peripheral pulmonary vessels using volumetric CT in healthy subject and patients with primary pulmonary hypertension Yoon young Choi
Anatomical and functional lung changes after endobronchial lung volume reduction therapy: evaluation with combined xenon ventilation and iodine contrast perfusion dual energy CT So Youn Shin
Radiation dose and image quality according to AEC sensitivity in chest PA Dong-Wook Sung
Chest radiographic findings of paraquat poisoning Gyonggyun Na
Influence of molecular targeting of nanobubbles on high-intensity focused US ablation Young-sun Kim
Skin tests in patients with hypersensitivity reaction to iodinated contrast media: a systematic review and meta-analysis Soonho Yoon
Observer reproducibility of manual measurement of tumor burden in RECIST guideline: a systematic review and meta-analysis Soonho Yoon
Performance of mobile digital X-ray fluoroscopy using a new flat panel detector for intraoperative use Chong-ho Lee
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Scientific Session 29 Thyroid All
09:50-11:20 Grand Ballroom 102
Thyroid imaging and intervention 1
Known clinical risk factors of thyroid cancer: are they still useful in euthyroid asymptomatic patients with thyroid nodules? Shin Hye Hwang
TIRADS and US elastography: useful tools in recommending repeat FNA for solid thyroid nodules with nondiagnostic fine needle aspiration cytology Youngjean Park
Comparison of the influence of doctors from different disciplines on the pathologic results of thyroid nodules required for FNAB Shuang Chen
Would high body mass index and TSH level affect selecting thyroid nodule for fine-needle aspiration biopsy? Hyun Gi Kim
18F-FDG PET/CT in postoperative follow-up of differentiated thyroid cancer: is it a reliable tool to detect recurrence? Sung-joon Park
What to do with thyroid nodules showing benign cytology and BRAFV600E mutation?: a study based on clinical and radiologic features using highly sensitive analytic method Soo-Yeon Kim
The usefulness of acoustic structure quantification in the evaluation of thyroiditis Hyun Sook Hong
Quantitative analyses of 3D volumetry and histogram of thyroid gland on CT: can thyroid CT reflect thyroid function in the patients with hypothyroidism? In chul Nam
Applying US-guided core needle biopsy (CNB) in the diagnosis of thyroid masses: preliminary results of a single institution Yong Hee Kim
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Interactive Session 03 Neuroradiology All
09:50-11:20 Grand Ballroom 103
Mimicking lesions in the brain, head and neck
Mimicking lesions in the brain In Kyu Yu
Mimicking lesions in the head and neck Young Hen Lee
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Scientific Session 30 Abdomen All
09:50-11:20 Grand Ballroom 104
Pancreas and appendicitis
Comparison of MDCT and gadobutrol-enhanced MRI for detection and characterization of small (< 3 cm) pancreatic solid lesions Tae Won Choi
Comparison of MR imaging features of solid pseudopapillary tumor of pancreas between male and female patients Young keun Sur
The natural history of incidental cystic pancreatic lesions less than 3 cm: results of mid-term follow-up and clinical significance Go Eun Kim
Validation of international consensus guidelines 2012 using CT and MRI: intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm of the pancreas Nieun Seo
Added value of diffusion weighted imaging for detecting acute pancreatitis in clinically suspected patients In chul Nam
Multidetector CT findings of pancreatic fistula after pancreaticoduodenectomy: correlation with surgical grading Suk Hee Heo
Usefulness of low-dose non-enhanced CT with coronal reformations in patients with suspected acute appendicitis: comparison with standard-dose CT Seong Jong Yun
Usefulness of dual-energy CT in patients with acute lower quadrant pain and clinically suspected acute appendicitis Youe Ree Kim
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Scientific Session 31 Intervention All
09:50-11:20 Grand Ballroom 105
Embolotherapy and others
Efficacy of US guided three-in-one femoral nerve block to standard treatment for pain control in patients with hip fractures Chetan Mehta
Image noise reduction techniques for hepatic digital subtraction angiography: comparison between half-dose and quarter-dose DSA acquisition of image quality Jong Hyouk Yun
Potentially relevant MRI findings in patients who became pregnant after uterine artery embolization for symptomatic fibroids: comparison with myomectomy Sohi Bae
Clinical implication of plasma D-dimer level changes: potential role in uterine artery embolization Seunghyun Park
Arteriographic features and embolization of iatrogenic hemobilia Na Hye Han
Clinical outcome of percutaneous embolization of patent paraumbilical vein for the treatment of refractory hepatic encephalopathy Eunsol Lee
Identification of hemoptysis-responsible arteries prior to bronchial artery embolization: is there added value of conventional aortography compared with CT angiography? Chang Ho Jeon
Bronchial artery embolization in the management of hemoptysis in patients with hematologic diseases: feasibility and short-term efficacy Jung Suk Oh
Embolotherapy of trauma associated pelvic arterial hemorrhage: feasibility of superselective catheterization in heavily injured patients In soo Jang
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Scientific Session 32 Cardiovascular All
09:50-11:20 203
Cardiac MR and others
Three-dimensional analysis of left atrial late gadolinium enhancement for characterization of left atrial wall tissue in patients with atrial fibrillation Sung Ho Hwang
Evaluation of quantification methods for left atrial late gadolinium enhancement based on different references in patients with atrial fibrillation Soo Yeon Choi
Quantification of tricuspid regurgitation using two-dimensional velocity encoding cine: optimal plane and reproducibility Hoyong Jun
Contrast-enhanced MRA of the peripheral arteries at 3T: comparison of SNR and CNR gain between gadoterate meglumine and gadobutrol-MRA in a large European multicenter trial Javier Arnaiz
Feasibility of low-concentration iodinated contrast medium with lower-tube-voltage dual-source CT aortography using iterative reconstruction: comparison with automatic exposure control CT aortography Hee Jeong Shin
Comparison of objective and subjective image quality between filtered back-projection and adaptive statistical and model-based iterative reconstruction techniques in CT venography using 80 kVp Jinhyeok Kim
Diagnostic performance and radiation dose of lower extremity CT angiography with 128 slice dual source CT using 80 kVp plus high pitch Jin Woo Kim
Single dose gadolinium contrast for 3T late gadolinium enhancement MRI: intra-individual comparison with standard double dose on 1.5T MRI Jiyeon Lim
Right ventricular functions measured by cardiac MRI in patients who underwent tricuspid valvular surgery: implication for patients outcome Won Jin Cho
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Scientific Session 33 Neurointervention All
09:50-11:20 208
Aneurysm treatment
Flow diverter stents in the treatment of intracranial aneurysm: where are we? Alain Bonafé
Microembolism after endovascular treatment of unruptured cerebral aneurysms: incidence and risk factor analysis Deok Hee Lee
Endovascular treatment of intracranial vertebral artery dissecting aneurysms GIWON SHIN
Reverse stent-assisted coil embolization of uncertain neck fusiform aneurysm and blister-like aneurysm Youngsoo Kim
Angiographic lumen changes of instent intimal hyperplasia for aneurysm treatment: is it permanent finding? Youngsoo Kim
Y-configuration double-stent-assisted coiling using two closed-cell stents for wide-neck basilar tip aneurysms Byung Moon Kim
Jo covered stent placement for emergency reconstruction of ruptured carotid artery during or after transsphenoidal surgery Byung Moon Kim
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) ISP 07_C
13:40-13:45 Hall D2, C구역
Chairperson: Nami Choi, Konkuk University School of Medicine, Korea
Others / Thyroid
Archive of Cases for Educational Purpose: An Interactive Case Database Donghyun Kim
Synchronous thyroid nodules detected in patients with thyroid cancer: a proposal about determination of surgical extension using preoperative US Hye Jung Kim
Comparison of T stage, N stage, multifocality, and bilaterality in papillary thyroid carcinoma patients according to the presence of coexisting lymphocytic thyroiditis Jinyoung Park
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) ISP 07_B
11:10-11:20 Hall D2, B구역
Chairperson: Young Hun Choi, Young Hun Choi, Korea
3D reformatted PET/CT for assessing therapy response in lung cancer Seoung Oh YANG
CT-detected incidental osteolytic lesions on the cervical spine: where are they gone on MRI? Seong Jin Kim
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) ISP 07_A
11:10-11:30 Hall D2, A구역
Chairperson: Seung Boo Yang, Soonchunhyang University Hospital Gumi, Korea
Association of aortic arch type and proximal landing zone with bird-beak configuration in thoracic endovascular aortic repair Edmond Lim
Feasibility of cone-beam CT in unipedicular spinal cement augmentation procedures Gideon Tan
Treatment of anastomotic leakage after total gastrectomy for stomach cancer with covered retrievable expandable metallic stent Jae chun Park
Recurrent migrating pseudoaneurysm formation in renal angiomyolipoma associated with tuberous sclerosis Young Gyung Shin
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Honorary Lecture
11:40-12:30 Grand Ballroom 101-105
My trajectory of cardiovascular imaging - past, present and future of cardiovascular CT Sachio Kuribayashi
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Luncheon Symposium 06
12:40-13:40 Grand Ballroom 101-102
Recent advances in radial acquisition and rapid MR imaging Hersh Chandarana
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Luncheon Symposium 07
12:40-13:40 Grand Ballroom 103
Quantitative computed tomography liver perfusion imaging using perfusion CT and multiphasic liver CT: feasibility and initial results in patients with HCC Jeong Min Lee
Various perfusion MR techniques of brain tumor Ho Sung Kim
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Luncheon Symposium 08
12:40-13:40 Grand Ballroom 104-105
Evidence-based radiological guidelines
Why and how develop evidence-based guidelines Hyun-Ki Yoon
Recent trends of radiological guideline development Hyun-Ju Lee
A to Z of good guideline development Young Hwan Kim
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) ISP 08_B
13:40-14:00 Hall D2, B구역
Chairperson: Hwan Hoon Chung, Korea University Ansan Hospital, Korea
Anatomical variations of popliteal artery and its branches: angiographic assessment Chan Park
Complications of intra-arterial chemoport insertion diagnosed by imaging modality Jaedo Hwang
Factors associated with treatment outcome of pulmonary AVM Boram Kim
Risk factors related to severe bleeding after percutaneous nephrostomy Jung Hee Byon
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) ISP 08_D
13:40-14:05 Hall D2, D구역
Chairperson: Hyuk Won Chang, Kyemyung University Dongsan Hospital, Korea
Baseline collateral flow predicts recanalization and clinical outcome in acute ischemic stroke patients undergoing endovascular thrombolysis Seung Min Nam
Occlusion of anterior communicating artery during coil embolization of unruptured anterior communicating artery aneurysm: follow up FLAIR images Jaehyung Park
Endovascular treatment for distal posterior cerebral artery aneurysms Jun ho Park
Acute M2 MCA occlusions: outcome of stent-based thrombectomy as first-line endovascular therapy in 27 patients Tae Wook Heo
Physiologic change of flow related signal in dural sinus on time-of-flight MR angiography by head elevation Hwaseong Ryu
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Special Focus Session 08 Chest Advanced
14:00-15:30 Grand Ballroom 101
Quantitative lung imaging: are we ready?
CAD for quantification and classification in thoracic imaging Cornelia Schaefer-Prokop
Lung nodule detection and volumetry Jin Mo Goo
Visual and quantitative analyses of COPD Song Soo Kim
Dual energy CT: feasible tool for quantification? Sang Min Lee
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Special Focus Session 09 Neuroradiology All
14:00-15:30 Grand Ballroom 102
Understanding of the chronic brain diseases
Adult chronic hydrocephalus Alex Rovira
Microcirculation and degenerative brain diseases Kyoung-Min Lee
Neuroimaging of brainstem and cerebellar degenerative diseases Won-Jin Moon
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Refresher Course 05 Musculoskeletal Advanced
14:00-15:30 Grand Ballroom 103
Myth and reality: controversies in joint imaging
Controversies in hip joint imaging Kyu-Sung Kwack
Knee and ankle In Sook Lee
Shoulder Joon-Yong Jung
Elbow and wrist imaging: the myth, and the reality Sheen-Woo Lee
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Special Focus Session 10 Abdomen Advanced
14:00-15:30 Grand Ballroom 104
Updates of GI tract imaging
Diffusion-weighted imaging of GI tract Min Jung Park
Enterography in Crohn's disease Seong Ho Park
Bowel ischemia Cheong-Il Shin
Diagnostic value of MSCT for gastrointestinal hemorrhage Xiaoguang Li
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Special Focus Session 11 Intervention Advanced
14:00-15:30 Grand Ballroom 105
Aortic intervention
Comparing the currently available AAA endografts Sung-Yu Chu
Hybrid procedures for aortic stent graft Kwang-Hun Lee
Management of endoleak after aortic stent graft John F. Angle
Tips and tricks for aortic intervention Nam Yeol Yim
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Asbestos Related Pleuropulmonary Diseases(석면관련질환의 영상판독교육) All
14:00-15:30 208
석면피해구제제도 소개 및 현황 Horyeong Lee
National asbestos profile of Korea and asbestosis Jeung Sook Kim
흉막반(Pleural plaque) Yookyung Kim
Malignant pleural mesothelioma Yoon Kyung Kim
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Multisession Course 06 Cardiovascular Advanced
14:00-18:00 203
Evidence, value and radiology for ischemic heart disease
Stress perfusion CMR for ischemic heart disease Thomas Schlosser
Risk stratification for coronary artery disease in stroke patients using coronary CT angiography: ACADIS study (assessment of coronary artery disease in stroke patients) Sung hyun Yoon
Comparison of multi-modality imaging for risk stratification of cardiovascular events in asymptomatic adults Ji Hoon Bae
Feasibility of coronary CT angiography with intravenous vasodilating agent injection for diagnosis of variant angina: pilot study Eun-Ju Kang
Correlation of dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) with CT coronary arterial calcification in predialysis diabetic chronic kidney disease patients Heng tee Khor
CT evaluation of subvalvular soft tissue in patients who underwent valve replacement surgery during immediate postoperative period Sangik Park
Seeing the hidden pannus: utility of cardiac CT in mechanical aortic valve evaluation Young Joo Suh
Effect of sub-prosthetic soft tissue on the function of mechanical aortic valve: numerical prediction and clinical implications Jihoon Kweon
Cardiac CT utilization for percutaneous coronary intervention - what is important information for coronary interventionalist? Masaaki Okutsu
CCTA imaging of coronary total occlusion Jiayin Zhang
Evaluation of stent morphology in patients who underwent coronary bifurcation stenting using coronary CT angiography: comparison with micro CT Hye Joung Eom
Predicting successful percutaneous coronary intervention in patients with chronic total occlusion: the incremental value of CT based morphological assessment Yang Chen
Late stage in-stent restenosis prevention with EPC captured stent and local EPCs transplantation Hong-Jian Shi
Can Thallium-201 SPECT predict the myocardial ischemia in patients with coronary-pulmonary artery fistula? Seul Ki Lee
Role of 256-MDCT in evaluation of image quality and radiation dose in prospective gating in congenital heart diseases in infants Ashok Sharma Ashok Sharma
The feasibility of 320-channel CT coronary angiography with 40 mL of iodinated contrast medium: assessment of image quality and diagnostic accuracy Rihyeon Kim
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Joint Symposium with KOSRO Advanced
14:00-18:00 201
Opening remarks Jong Hoon Kim
Opening remarks Jeong Min Lee
Evolution of radiotherapy techniques Jong Hoon Kim
Radiotherapeutic strategies in management of hepatocellular carcinoma Jinsil Seong
Radiotherapy for hepatocellular carcinoma: radiologic findings Mi-Suk Park
전립선암의 방사선 치료 Jaeho Cho
The role of multi-parametric MR imaging in the radiotherapy of prostate cancer Dae Chul Jung
Radiotherapy in lung cancer Hak Jae Kim
RT pneumonitis and RT-related chest complications: imaging findings Sang Min Lee
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Scientific Session 34 Neurointervention All
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 101
Ischemic and Shunt diseases
Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of in-stent restenosis (ISR) with 320-row MDCT angiography: a phantom study Arim Park
Interobserver agreement for the assessment of angiographic collateral grading in acute stroke patients: preliminary study for modified angiographic collateral grading system Kyung Mi Lee
Negative susceptibility vessel sign for prediction of underlying atherosclerotic intracranial stenosis in patients with acute middle cerebral artery occlusion Seul Kee Kim
Stent-based thrombectomy for acute ischemic stroke in octogenarians and nonagenarians So Yeon Ki
Mechanical thrombectomy with Solitaire stent in patients with acute M2 occlusion Se Jeong Jeon
Efficacy of plain skull X-ray series in follow-up evaluation of cerebral aneurysms treated with detachable coils: quantitative assessment of coil mass Woo Sang Jung
Crescent sign following stent assisted coil embolization of distal internal carotid artery aneurysm: incidence and clinical implication Sunyoung Lee
Incidence and risk factors for DWI (+) lesions after intracranial stenting and its clinical implications Byung Moon Kim
Leptomeningeal collateral vessel is a major risk factor of intracranial hemorrhage after carotid stenting or carotid endaterectomy in patients with carotid atherosclerotic plaque Kangji Lee
Treatment outcomes of transarterial Onyx embolizationin patients with intracranial dural arteriovenous fistulas without dural sinus drainage Sunyoung Lee
Spontaneous angiographic changes in venous drainage patterns related to symptom changes of untreated cavernous sinus dural arteriovenous fistula Sunyoung Lee
Long-term follow-up results of ethanol sclerotherapy for head and neck arteriovenous malformations Sunyoung Lee
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Scientific Session 35 Thyroid All
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 102
Thyroid imaging and intervention 2
Analysis of RAS mutation and PAX8/PPARγ rearrangements in follicular-derived neoplasms in a Korean population: frequency and US findings Sun Hye Jeong
Preoperative BRAF mutation analysis using US guided fine needle aspiration: factors associated with false negative results Mirinae Seo
Reducing nondiagnostic rate can reduce repeat fine-needle aspiration in thyroid nodule? What is the fate of nondiagnostic results on first fine-needle aspiration? Soo Jin Kim
Evaluation of underlying lymphocytic thyroiditis with computerized texture analysis using conventional US images GA RAM KIM
Prognostic impact of US features and 18F-FDG uptake in patients with papillary thyroid microcarcinoma Jiwon Seo
Is BRAF (V600E) mutation analysis useful for AUS/FLUS nodules? Dong Gyu Na
Usefulness of B-mode US with algorithm based on statistical analysis of echo signals (acoustic structure quantification) in the evaluation of Hashimoto's thyroiditis Sun Jung Rhee
Thyroid nodules with initially non-diagnostic, fine-needle aspiration results: comparison of core-needle biopsy and repeated fine-needle aspiration Sanghyun Choi
Higher body mass index may be a predictor of extrathyroidal extension in patients with papillary thyroid microcarcinoma Ji Soo Choi
The role of screening thyroid US in healthy population and imaging analysis of screening-detected thyroid cancer Jeongin Yoo
The present and the future of thyroid radiology outpatient clinics: the results of surveys by Korean Society of Thyroid Radiology (KSThR) Jin Yong Sung
Reproducibility of TIRADS in assessing of a thyroid nodule on US according to physician's experience Su Yeon Ko
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Scientific Session 36 Musculoskeletal All
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 103
Arthritis + spine 2 (conventional)
In vivo diffusion-weighted MR imaging of joint fluid with low and high b-values: potential for differentiation of underlying arthritis Sohee Yoon
MR imaging findings of muscle involvement in polyarteritis nodosa Yusuhn Kang
Analysis of different manifestations in the cervical spine involvement of longstanding ankylosing spondylitis: atlantoaxial ankylosis (AAA) and atlantoaxial subluxation (AAS) JeongHoon Lee
Assessment of the ability of multiecho fast field echo MRI to reveal ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament and dural ossification in the cervical spine So-Yeon Lee
Usefulness of multidetector CT imaging for the evaluation of lumbar central canal stenosis using new CT imaging grading system as compared with MR imaging Kyung Ryeol Lee
Clinical correlation of a new and practical MR grading system for cervical foraminal stenosis assessment Jung Woo Yi
Quantitative evaluation of sequential changes in articular cartilage and menisci of the knee after meniscus transplantation by T2 and T2-star mapping Hye Larn Lee
Clinical importance and image finding of talocalcaneal coalition with os sustentaculi Seong Jong Yun
The usefulness of the oblique coronal plane in knee MR imaging of the posterior cruciate ligament Myung Sub Kim
Comparison of MRI and PET-CT in the detection of loco-regional recurrence of soft tissue sarcomas Sun-Young Park
Are US-guided core needle biopsies also effective in histopathologic diagnoses of small musculoskeletal soft tissue lesions? Comparison study of diagnostic rates according to the size of lesions Sang Yoon Kim
Useful MRI findings to differentiate neurogenic tumors and myxoid tumors: is it possible to distinguish neurogenic tumors and myxoid tumors on MRI? Eunchae Lee
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Scientific Session 37 Abdomen All
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 104
GI tract
Comparative imaging analysis of Epstein-Barr virus-associated gastric lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma versus conventional gastric adenocarcinoma Sun Young Park
Leiomyoma in the gastric cardia: differentiation from gastrointestinal stromal tumor on CT Hyun Kyung Yang
What is the predictive factors of bowel viability and prognosis in bowel ischemia?: retrospective review of image findings of abdomen CT SungEun Ahn
Endoscopic complete remission after treatment with anti-TNF-α in Crohn's disease: evaluation with CT enterography Cherry Kim
Comparison of iohexol and diatrizoate on the amount of colonic bubbles and residual tagged fecal/fluid materials on CT colonography Bohyun Kim
Effect of gasocol to reduce colonic bubbles formation on CT colonography using oral omnipaque for fecal/fluid tagging Gil-Sun Hong
Prevention of ascending colonic rotation during CT colonography by performing prone scan employing a maneuver to decrease abdominal compression Jong Keon Jang
Added value of Integrated whole-body PET/MR imaging for evaluation of colorectal cancer: comparison with contrast-enhanced multi-detector CT scans Beomsik Kang
Clinical impact of the tumor volume reduction ratio in the rectal cancer patients following preoperative chemoradiation: a comparison study with down-staging, and tumor response grade Yu bi Han
MRI-detected extramural vascular invasion is an independent prognostic factor for synchronous metastasis in patients with rectal cancer Beomseok Sohn
MR imaging-detected extramural venous invasion: significant prognostic factor in rectal carcinoma Na Yeon Han
Apparent diffusion coefficient for lymph node characterization after chemoradiation therapy for locally advanced rectal cancer Seung Ho Kim
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Scientific Session 38 Intervention All
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 105
Non vascular intervention
Screening MRI-based prediction model for therapeutic response of MR-HIFU ablation of uterine fibroids Young-sun Kim
Correlation of T2 signal intensity of uterine fibroids with semiquantitative perfusion MR parameters in candidates for MR-HIFU ablation: analysis according to fibroid types Young-sun Kim
Noninvasive treatment of adenomyosis by MR-guided focused US surgery (MRgFUS) - our experience in 18 patients Mitesh Kumar
New radiofrequency device to reduce bleeding after core needle biopsy: experimental study in a porcine liver model Sanghyeok Lim
Balloon dilation for tuberculous tracheobronchial strictures: 17-years of experience Young Chul Cho
Balloon dilatation biopsy of the biliary stricture through the PTBD tract: feasibility and diagnostic accuracy Ji-Hoon Hong
Polydioxanone biodegradable stent placement in a canine urethral model: analysis of inflammatory reaction and biodegradation Jung-Hoon Park
Usefulness of fluoroscopically guided stent placement in failed cases of endoscopically guided stent placement for malignant gastroduodenal obstructions Soohwan Kim
Incidence and management of esophageal perforation after fluoroscopic balloon dilation in 820 adult patients with esophageal strictures Wei-zhong Zhou
Migration of retrievable, expandable metallic stents in malignant esophageal strictures: incidence, management, and prognostic factors in 332 patients Wei-zhong Zhou
Radiologic placement of uncovered stents for the treatment of malignant colonic obstruction at ascending and transverse colon Jehong Yoon
Percutaneous dual stent placement for malignant hilar obstruction: comparison between T- and crisscross-configuration Chang Ho Jeon
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 11 (Sat) Joint Symposium with KARSM(의료방사선 안전관리: 환자 안전을 위한 전문가로서의
16:00-18:00 208
의료방사선 안전관리의 원칙 Jae-Yeon Hwang
우리나라 방사선 안전관리 현황 Hyunkoo Lee
진단영역에서 사용되는 방사선의 인체 영향 Hyunsik Woo
패널토의: 환자피폭선량 관리 어떻게 할 것인가?
의뢰의사 교육과 clinical imaging guideline Seung Eun Jung
의뢰의사 교육과 clinical imaging guideline Whal Lee
환자선량관리 시스템의 현황과 나아갈 길 Kyung-Hyun Do
환자선량관리 시스템의 현황과 나아갈 길 Joon-Il Choi
영상의학 병의원의 현황: 개원의사와 봉직의사의 perspective Chang Soo Ahn
영상의학 병의원의 현황: 개원의사와 봉직의사의 perspective Youngmin Cho
KCR 2014 Secretariat
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