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Application Guidelines


Application Deadline July 31(Tue), 2012
Final Payment of Application Fee

Exhibition Fee

Category Benefits Price
Price until
July. 31, 2012
Price after
July. 31, 2012
Space Only
3m(w) X 3m(d)
X 2.5m(h)
Exhibitors will be provided a 3m*3m space only. KRW 3,000,000 KRW 3,500,000
Shell Standard Booth
3m(w) X 3m(d)
X 2.5m(h)
3m*3m space
- Acrylic fascia board with company’s name and booth number
- 1 information counter and 1 folding chair
- 1kw electric power, 1 socket Basic lighting
KRW 3,500,000 KRW 4,000,000

※ 10% VAT is not included in the price.


If you want to join Sponsorship Package/Exhibition, application process is as below.

Application Process

Shell Standard Booth (example)

Facilities (tentative)
- Facia board (exhibitor's name and stand number)
- 1 fluorescent light and 3 spotlights
- 1 information desk and 1 chair
- Power supply of 1 KW
- Side & rear walls
- Carpet (pytex)
- 1 socket

Shell Standard Booth (example)

Exhibition fee must be paid by the due date.
Otherwise allocation of exhibit space will be cancelled.
Click On-line Application
For Korean Applicants For Overseas Applicants
은행명: 우리은행
계좌번호: 1005-901-802576
예금주: 한국방사선의학재단
Beneficiary The Korean Radiological Foundation
Account No. 1005-901-802576

Rules and Regulations for Exhibition Participation and Conditions for Contract

1. Definition
(1) "Exhibitor" refers to companies and groups that have submitted applications for participating in the exhibition and completed payment of the exhibition fee.
(2) "Organizer" refers to the Organizing Committee of the 68th Korean Congress of Radiology (KCR 2012).
2. Application for Exhibition and Contract
(1) Application for the exhibition shall be made on-line at the KCR 2012 website.
(2) The contract is valid starting from the point when the completion of payment.
(3) The contract will be sent by the Organizer.
(4) The completion of payment and the contract must be signed and sent by July 31, 2012.
3. Allocation of Exhibition Booths
(1) The Organizer shall decide the location of each Exhibitor within the exhibition area based on the level of the Exhibitor’s participation (the number of booths) and the order in which complete payment is received.
(2) Maximum 2 booths are assigned per exhibitor.
(3) The Organizer has the right to change at its discretion the allocated booth space and location of Exhibitors at any time during the preparatory period leading up to KCR 2012. Exhibitors cannot request compensations related to changes resulting from the above.
(4) Exhibitors may not transfer or rent their allocated booth space without the consent of the Organizer.
4. Exhibition and Promotional Activities
(1) Exhibitors shall display the articles specified in their contracts. The Organizer shall have the right to exercise restrictions with regard to the nature of the exhibition and the actual articles displayed by Exhibitors. Exhibitors are absolutely prohibited to sell anything within the exhibition area without the approval of the Organizer.
(2) The exhibition of any articles that may pose a security hazard must be discussed and agreed in advance with the Organizer.
(3) Exhibitors may not use a space other than the exhibition space agreed in their contracts without the written consent of the Organizer.
(4) All acts that may damage the existing building structure including but not limited to the painting of the exhibition area floor, pillars or walls are strictly forbidden.
(5) For details regarding the installation and operation of booths, Exhibitors must follow the exhibition rules and regulations of the Coex.
(6) In the case an Exhibitor is uncooperative or becomes violent with regard to the afore-mentioned rules and regulations, the Organizer shall have the right to remove its booth(s).
5. Payment Process
(1) Payment must be made to the designated bank account by July 31, 2012.
(2) The Organizer has the right to cancel the participation of an Exhibitor who refuses to use a part or the totality of the booth that it applied for or who does not make the payment within the due date, in which case payment(s) received up to the cancellation will not be refunded.
6. Exhibition Cancellation and Changes
The Organizer reserves the right to change the duration and the venue of the exhibition in case of unavoidable circumstances. In the case the Organizer cancels an exhibition, exhibition fees shall be refunded. However, if cancellation or change of venue and/or duration is caused by force majeure, Exhibitors may not request for compensation with regard to the changes in their participation.
7. Installation and Removal
(1) Exhibitors have the duty to restore their allocated booth space to its original state and to complete the installation and removal of their booth within the timeframe defined by the Organizer.
(2) Exhibitors shall compensate the Organizer for any loss caused by their delay in installing and dismantling their booth or any damages caused to the exhibition area.
(3) Standard display booths must be installed and removed by the company designated by the Organizer.
8. Information for the Organizer
Exhibitors must provide the Organizer information regarding their display articles and the construction of their booth so that the Organizer may check that the installations and promotional activities within the booth are in line with the exhibition rules and regulations. Exhibitors must also provide the Organizer information necessary for promoting KCR 2012.
9. Insurance, Security, and Safety
(1) The Organizer recommends all Exhibitors to subscribe to an insurance as a provision against theft, damage, loss, etc of all equipments and display articles not only for the exhibition period but also for the installation and removal periods.
(2) Responsibility for all the equipments and articles of the Exhibitors ultimately lies in the Exhibitors themselves who must bear the responsibility in case of theft, damage, loss, etc.
10. Fire Prevention Regulations
Exhibitors must fire-proof all materials used in their booth according to fire prevention laws. If necessary, the Organizer may request an Exhibitor(s) to take certain preventive measures against fire hazards, in which case the Exhibitor(s) must comply.
11. Additional Rules
If necessary, the Organizer may add additional rules and regulations not specified in the current Rules and Regulations, in which case Exhibitors must comply. Exhibitors must comply with the overall Coex rules and regulations on the management and operation of the exhibition area.
12. Resolution of Disputes
In case any dispute takes place between the Organizer and an Exhibitor in the interpretation of the rights and duties of each party as laid out in the Rules and Regulations, it shall be resolved by arbitration in accordance with the commercial arbitration rules of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board and the Korean law. The ruling made by the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board is final and legally binding for both parties.
KCR 2012 strives for Green Meetings.
Please participate in KCR 2012’s move for Green Meetings.
Detailed suggestions and recommended actions will be informed to you
later through the Exhibition Manual.
KCR 2012 Secretariat
InSession International Convention Services, Inc.
4F Yoongjeon Bldg., 829-6 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-936, Korea
E-mail:     Tel: +82-2-3452-7240 / +82-2-3471-8555     Fax: +82-2-521-8683
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