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Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Korean Society of Radiology (KSR), it is my great honor to invite you to the 67th Korean Congress of Radiology (KCR 2011) to be held in Seoul, Korea from October 27 to 29, 2011.

The organizing society, the Korean Society of Radiology (KSR) has made every effort to put together an attractive program and included diverse educational courses on recent imaging techniques. Especially, full-English educational sessions and special focus lectures have already been scheduled to be delivered by excellent speakers from various countries.

The scientific meeting of KSR has been held since 1946 and was named as KCR in 2008. AOCR 2008, which was held in Korea was an excellent chance for KCR step forward to become KCR as one of the distinguished international congresses in the field. With experience from AOCR and an expert know-how, KCR 2011 will be dedicated to excellence in innovation, communication and education under the slogan “Meet the Future of Radiology with KCR.”

In addition, a large technical exhibition will be held including the latest developments in radiological equipment, and social programs mixing traditional and modern Korea will help attendees of KCR 2011 to relax and enjoy in the wonderful and welcoming atmosphere.

I hope you will join us for the 67th Korean Congress of Radiology and Annual Delegate Meeting of the Korean Society of Radiology during its most beautiful season of the year, and seize the opportunity to share more knowledge and achieve greater development in our congress.

Best wishes,

Dong Ik Kim, M.D.
The Korean Society of Radiology
KCR 2011 Secretariat
InSession International Convention Services, Inc.
4F Yoongjeon Bldg., 829-6 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-936, Korea
E-mail: info@kcr4u.org     Tel: +82-2-3452-7240 / +82-2-3471-8555     Fax: +82-2-521-8683
Copyright by Korean Society of Radiology. All Rights Reserved.

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